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Geonames Ruby API

Ruby library for Geonames Web Services (

The Geonames API has been forked and now is maintained here:

Inspired by the Geonames Java Client API library


Install from the command line

# gem install geonames


Web 2.0 Mashup of Ruby Geonames / Wikipedia / Google Maps API

The following exercises several of the Geonames web services, full list of services listed here:

Load the the geonames API

require 'geonames'
get list of places near by longitude/longitude location
places_nearby = Geonames::WebService.find_nearby_place_name 43.900120387, -78.882869834
p places_nearby
get timezone for longitude/longitude location
timezone = Geonames::WebService.timezone 43.900120387, -78.882869834
p timezone
get country code for longitude/longitude location
country_code = Geonames::WebService.country_code 43.900120387, -78.882869834
p country_code
get country sub-division info for longitude/longitude location
country_subdivision = Geonames::WebService.country_subdivision 43.900120387, -78.882869834
p country_subdivision
get postal codes for a given location
postal_code_sc =
postal_code_sc.place_name = "Oshawa"
postal_codes = Geonames::WebService.postal_code_search postal_code_sc
p postal_codes
get nearby postal codes for a place name
postal_code_sc =
postal_code_sc.place_name = "Oshawa"
postal_codes_nearby = Geonames::WebService.find_nearby_postal_codes postal_code_sc
p postal_codes_nearby


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